Crossbreeding With a Purpose
The flock is made up of crosses of Corriedale, Romney, Lincoln, and Border Leicester. This has enabled us to achieve faster growing market lambs and also maintain a flock with a variety of fleece types. Each ewe has complete records to show its breeding. Ewes are selected for the following traits:

Outstanding fleece
This means a heavy fleece with consistent crimp throughout. Softness, luster, and color are also traits selected for. A variety of fleece types are maintained within the flock and range from the medium-fine Corriedale to the long lustrous Border Leicester.

Multiple births
Only twins and triplets are kept back for breeding and our lambing percentage is about 200%, not including ewe lambs. Ewes are required to be good milkers and good mothers.

Market Lambs
Many “wool-breed” sheep produce small, slow growing market lambs. While ours don’t grow as fast or as big as the blackface breeds, our ram lambs usually approach 120 lbs in 5 months. They are known for their “mild flavor” and are raised naturally on pasture and whole grains, (up to a pound of grain per day).


This is Louis, the purebred Border Leicester ram who has sired the last two lamb crops, plus this year's. The top photo is current, at age 4 and below is his yearling picture. I've been really happy with his lambs. The fleeces are dense and heavy, lustrous and long.

The flock now consists of 9 of his offspring, so he is for sale. He is a really gentle ram with a lustrous fleece, finer than the typical Border Leicester. A very easy keeper. The small head size of his lambs make for easier lambing, and the fleeces of his offspring